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Mini Mobile are companion mobile web sites to regular sites that do not work well on mobile devices

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It seems like it was just a short time ago that businesses were starting to realize how important it was to build an internet presence. It became clear that if your business wasn’t online, your savvy competitors who had web sites took your customers away because it was so much easier to shop the online marketplace.

People stopped using the Yellow Pages and instead went to Google and other search engines. It took a few years, but today most all businesses, large and small, have some sort of web site.

Fast forward a few years, and we are again at a point of catch-up.

Why your business needs a mobile compatible web site

Mobile device use is taking over faster than the internet did, back-in-the day, and a lot of the web sites are not ready for mobile traffic. Businesses again are losing customers, this time because their sites aren’t optimized for mobile users. It is quite frustrating for a mobile user to have to scroll sideways, stretch and pinch to access regular web sites. The would-be customers look elsewhere and don’t come back.

Businesses are redesigning their web sites to be mobile responsive, which can sense when visitors are using their smart phones or tablets on-the-go. Problem is, it is expensive to hire a designer for the job. Large businesses have their own design teams. This leaves many small businesses left out, and getting your web site mobile compatible should be a high priority.

Not any more. Introducing the Mini Mobile, a companion mobile web site that is affordable and features the main items of your business, the products or services, as well as email and a “call me now” button that will ring your designated office phone or cell phone. The Mini Mobile responds to a redirect command that senses when a smart phone or tablet is being used at your web site.

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Get your business mobile website
Mobile device use is taking over the Internet fast. In January, 2014, more smartphones and tablet apps were used to access the Internet than PCs.

Many business websites are not ready for mobile traffic. Businesses are losing customers because their sites aren't optimized for mobile users. Is your site ready for mobile traffic? If not, we can help.